At the Stockholm Pie Company, we’re always complimented when customers love our pies. Recently we were amazed at the lengths one customer took to rescue three pies that he had purchased. This is a cute story, somewhat sad, but it all ends well.

Bob, a loyal customer, returned to tell us about the disastrous end met by one of the three pies he had purchase earlier. After picking up his pies, Bob had decided to take the ice road home to Lake City, Minnesota, across Lake Pepin from Maiden Rock rather than drive thirty miles by highway.

While he was still about a quarter of a mile away from the Lake City shore, he felt one of his back wheels going down through the ice. Glancing out the window, he realized that the ice around him looked like honey combs and was quickly breaking up. Bob knew that he needed to exit the vehicle quickly. He grabbed the door handle and pulled, but the door would not budge.

Desperately, he opened the window. Once he had squeezed through the window and was safe on the ice, Bob looked back at the truck and had a horrible thought. He realized that his pies were going down to the bottom of the lake along with his pickup! What happened next is hard to believe, but it‘s true.

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Have lunch (or brunch) with one of our savory or pot pies. You can experience a mouthful of flavors with a six inch savory pie of Sausage/Apple/Cheddar Cheese or Bacon/Pear/Blue Cheese. Savory pies combine fresh fruit, meat, a variety of cheeses, spices, and an egg and cream custard surrounded by our flaky pie crust. Perhaps you would rather try one of our very popular six inch chicken pot pies. We cook the chicken, make the fillings, and place them between two layers of flaky, delicious crust. For your convenience, you may take home a frozen, unbaked savory or pot pie. It's a good idea to call ahead to check availability of frozen pies or to place a special order.

During the winter, we also make homemade soups for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Our flavors are traditional and unusual, such as Chicken Vegetable and Spicy Sweet Potato. 

Perhaps you will choose a freshly made sandwiches featuring Amy's Handmade Bread.  Amy is one of our fabulous pie makers and also makes some of the best light rye and whole wheat bread you can find.   Let us make you a sandwich with your choice of chicken, turkey, and ham.  Top that with cheese, a variety of sauces, tomatoes, and onions.   It's a quick and delicious meal to eat at the shop or to enjoy outside during your fun-filled visit to Stockholm. 

Quiches are on the menu during the summer weekends.   If you prefer to special order a quiche, you may choose your favorite ingredients such as bacon, sausage, spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, peppers, onions, and olives. Quiches need to be ordered at least a day in advance and may be ordered for pick-up during the week, also.  New this 2013 spring will be individual vegetable quiches.

The phone rang last July at the Stockholm Pie Company. Owner, Janet Garretson answered; it was the Governor's office. Having heard about the bantam-sized bakery in Stockholm, the staff asked if the Governor could come for pie. The Stockholm Pie Company has garnered great praise, both from the regional press and the droves of customers that have discovered the handmade from scratch pies and baked goods since the shop opened in May of 2008. But having the Governor of Wisconsin stop by was quite an unexpected and exciting honor for The Stockholm Pie Company and the tiny Village of Stockholm (pop. 97).

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