Restaurant Wholesale

With our repertoire of pies, you will be assured to find a selection that enhances your menu and completes your dessert offering. Plus, you can be assured that the quality you expect from you own kitchen is guaranteed in our desserts while allowing you to concentrate on the other elements that make your business a success.

No commercial pie dough or pie fillings are used in crafting our pies. The crust for each pie is made one at a time and is hand rolled. Our apples and pears are fresh and peeled by hand. Puddings for cream pies are made without the use of commercial pudding mixes. We whip fresh cream to top the cream pies. Our pies bring a unique, hand crafted taste of goodness seldom found in the commercial market today. You can bring that to your menu, offering the perfect finish to your customer's experience at your restaurant.

Old time classics such as Sour Cream Raisin bring back memories of pies grandma used to make. Citrus lovers rave about the tangy, sharp sweetness of Double Lemon and Key Lime. Chocolate lovers return again and again for a slice of Triple Chocolate Pecan. Blackberry Pear combines the sweetness of fruit with cardamon and a buttery crumb crust. Apples can be savored in traditional Apple, Apple Crisp, and Caramel Apple Crunch. For berry lovers, we have Triple Berry, Raspberry Strawberry, Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Blueberry, Blueberry, Cherry, and Berry Cherry (raspberries and cherries). Please check our menu section for a complete listing of pies.

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